R e e d     Foundation     Repair
Jackson, (MS)  Mississippi  and  Statewide  Services
Paul  J.  Reed  -  Owner / Contractor

Expert  Technicians  in  All  Phases  of  Foundation  Repairs
38 - Years  Experience  In  The  Jackson,  MS  Area
Thousands  Of  Mississippi  Homes  Repaired 

Leveling  &  Stabilizing  of
Residential  Houses  and  Commercial  Structures
--- Concrete  Slabs  &  Conventionals ---

Specialized  in  Pressure  Grouting  Under  Slabs

Sometimes voids under the slab are discovered or created in the affected area when lifting the foundation slab, at which time we will pressure fill the voids with grout, significantly improving the uniform support of the structure.

For superior quality concrete slab repair, the voids must be pumped and filled with soil, cement and/or grout, providing solid support for the concrete slab floor. This step prevents an area of the floor from collapsing later, causing significant structural damage to the floor's integrity of a concrete slab home or structure.

Four inch ( 4" ) thick concrete floors of the common house slab are intended to rest on solid material and soils with no voids present, hence the need for pumping. Instead of leaving parts of the slab in mid air, we fill these voids, complimenting and completing the support of the slab.

We also pump slabs that have been repaired by
other companies that did not pump the voids.

Expert Technicians in all phases of Concrete Slab and Conventional Foundation Repairs, including rotted wood replacement, termite damage repair to the floor structure of your home, crawl space ventilation correction and water control French Drain installation.

Statewide  Service In

Paul  Reed - Owner
    601 - 951 - 9399    

Estimates  by  Owner

Owner - Supervised  Work

Jackson Metro Area - $50
Outside Metro Area - $100 - $200

Work  Approved  by
Seasoned  Structural  Engineers

Serving  the  entire  state,
including  rural  areas  and  the
following  cities  and  towns:

   Batesville,  MS
   Biloxi,  MS
   Brandon,  MS
   Brookhaven,  MS
   Byram,  MS
   Canton,  MS
   Clarksdale,  MS
   Cleveland,  MS
   Clinton,  MS
   Columbia,  MS
   Crystal Springs,  MS
   Flora,  MS
   Florence,  MS
   Flowood,  MS
   Foxworth,  MS
   Greenville,  MS
   Greenwood,  MS
   Gulfport,  MS
   Hazlehurst,  MS
   Hattiesburg,  MS
   Holly  Springs,  MS
   Jackson,  MS
   Kosciusko,  MS
   Liberty,  MS
   Madison,  MS
   Magee,  MS
   Mendenhall,  MS
   Meridian,  MS
   Monticello,  MS
   Mount  Olive,  MS
   Natchez,  MS
   Pascagoula,  MS
   Pearl,  MS
   Picayune,  MS
   Raymond,  MS
   Richland,  MS
   Ridgeland,  MS
   Rolling  Fork,  MS
   Starkville,  MS
   Terry,  MS
   Tupelo,  MS
   Tylertown,  MS
   Vancleave,  MS
   Vicksburg,  MS
   Waynesboro,  MS
   Yazoo  City,  MS

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Crawl  Space  Drainage  Control
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